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Practice Dr. Kalz - Oral surgery - Dental Implantologie - Oral medicine
Specialist in oral surgery - Certification in implantology
The practice offers services covering the complete range of dental surgery

Oral medicine

• Consultation on disorders of the mucous membrane of the mouth (diagnosis and therapy)
• Sample taking (biopsy) following changes to the mucous membrane of the mouth e.g.

Oral brush biopsy (OralCDx)
This involves the extraction of cells for testing by 'brushing' over the mucous membrane of the mouth. This procedure is bloodless and painless. The histological evaluation of this computer-assisted analysis is available about one week later and is highly specific. If the results show signs of atypical cells, a further diagnosis must be carried out.

Surgical tissue extraction
Tissue extraction for histopathological examination under local anaesthetic





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